How did the pandemic affect the Macau casino market?

Around the world, there are several western countries like the USA that has few places that gain huge revenue through legal gambling. But that doesn’t mean, Asian countries like China are missing out on this great opportunity. After facing a lot of bad times since the last of 2019, Macau is reaping huge revenue every month and the gambling industry is advancing so fast. This city is known as Monte Carlo of the Orient and it has legalized gambling since the year 1850. This is the only China territory that allows gambling fully and it boosts the tourism sector highly.  

The story since pandemic days

Covid 19 has changed almost everything. since the last of 2019, we are facing new issues with everything. It has a significant effect on the gaming industry of Macau, which is the main economic base of the place. The most popular gaming option in Macau is Casino. Pandemic has created a significant on this gaming world. Casino operations were restricted due to the government rules of the city. Now the scenario has changed a lot and the operation is open more. We can say now that the market is wide open now to welcome new players. Macao has a reputation worldwide as the Vegas of the East. Millions of visitors come to the city every year to different glitzy casinos. But last year, the city was completely closed for the visitors and so for the casinos.

Revenue of gaming in MACAO was wiped out virtually in the last few months when the pandemic was at a high rate. Casino market has seen the worst time business at this tourist-dependent city

According to the gaming, the bureau has shown that the gaming revenue is $95 million now whereas it was drooped 97% during a similar time of last year as the Covid 19 burst on several parts of China and throughout the world. As the mainland visitors were not allowed to enter the city, casino houses are empty, far from the gambles. Some of the popular casinos have faced a huge loss during that time. Like any other business in the world, the gambling industry has experienced such a loss.

Changed scenario  

But some of the casinos were in a good position even at that bad business time because they have huge cash that they have earned during the boom time. They don’t have the sizeable money. Now the situation is under control and the covid cases are very low in Macao and so is the death rate. Most of the businesses of the world are getting back their old fame, revenue and more day by day. Casinos are no exception, it is getting the same flow of cash, same thrill now.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Macao? Usually, it’s casinos and gambling. But that is indeed a thing of the past. Besides the recessionary troubles it faced, Macao is now back with a bang. Refashioning its entertainment factor Macao now caters to a larger all-inclusive family audience.

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