How do online poker rooms make money?

As poker came on the online platform, its users increased tremendously. People started playing poker through various websites like Box24 casino and online poker rooms. There are various websites now which provide the platform to play poker with real money. The whole poker industry holds multi-million dollar value currently.

Do you know that the Indian poker market has a value of 290 USD? This data was till 2017, and in the next four years, the industry has evolved and flourished tremendously. The functioning of online poker rooms is possible only when they are earning profit in their business. However, do you have any idea how these online poker rooms make a profit? Every online poker player faces this curiosity. So here we are to resolve this question! In this blog, we will tell you how online poker rooms make a profit.

Earning by Time drop

Online poker rooms charge a direct fee from the players for their participation. This charge is applied to the new dealers commonly. Whenever a new dealer joins the table for poker players, in that case, the dealer needs to submit a fixed amount of money. This charge differs depending upon the stake deals also. For high rollers, the charge can go much higher. This charge is applicable depending upon the fixed time intervals. The fees form one of the most important sources of income for online poker rooms. The charges vary depending upon the player’s graph also.

By charging Rake 

Rake works in both forms, in online as well as in offline form. The online poker rooms take a particular portion of the money from the profit or pot that the player makes. This share varies depending upon the pot size and the specific policies of the poker rooms. Moreover, Rake is a type of commission fee. The concerned cardroom operator takes it for every turn of the game. The stake size also plays a crucial role in determining the amount of the Rake. Mostly it is around 5% of the pot. 

Through Merchandising

It is predominantly a marketing strategy. However, it still produces income for the online poker rooms. Websites issue various merchandising for themselves. However, the amount of profit is less if we compare it to other activities. Therefore, it is considered as an investment in marketing instead of as direct income. Websites issue their mugs, t-shirts, etc., such products for the players and dealers. This helps in spreading the word about the brand along with selling the particular entities. 

By investing the funds of players

It can be considered the most significant income crux for online poker rooms. Players make deposits on the websites. As a result, the website reinvests them in other assets. This investment is made with risks attached to it. The website is solely responsible for these risks. The amount of this fund depends upon the capability of the players to deposit and use it. 


The online poker rooms earn by investing players’ funds, merchandising, and charging Rake and time drop. All these methods make the overall earning proportion of the poker websites. There are also other earning methods for them like cover charges, direct fees, etc.

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